Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Key Tips to Ensuring You Get the Best Pet & House Sitter

10 Keys to Getting the Best Pet & House Sitter

1.       Ask Open Ended questions versus Yes/No answer questions.

2.       Get References and Call on them – again ask open ended questions.

3.       Don’t look for the cheapest; you may just get what you pay for.  Ask about activities and time that you get for the per visit rate.

4.       Research ahead of time, places like Angie’s List, the BBB and on line Reviews.

5.       Research their accreditation's, certifications, education and training.

6.       Let the Potential service provider do most of the talking to really find out what they know, how they do business, and what they will do for you.

7.       Pay Attention to their interaction with your pets, the questions they ask you about routine, favorite toys and play activities, routine, age, supplements, medications & their attention to detail and discussion points about other potential issues that might arise.

8.       Pay attention if they taking notes, asking key questions, ensuring they have every little detail and possible situation covered.

9.       If possible, when you have someone new, ask a neighbor to watch the amount of time a pet sitter is at your home and compare it to what time they promised in for each visit.

10.   If you have a nanny camera, use it.

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