Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Creating Success, Happiness & Wellnes

Welcome to my blog!

Pampered Pets & People creates Utopia for people and pets with a variety of services we offer.

Find contentment, reduce stress, get organized and establish goals for success both personally and professionally.  We are here to help you achieve that wellness, happiness and health!

Find out how we can help you at www.pamperedpetsandpeople.com

We also offer many home and pet services catering to busy professionals and families to take care of your loved pets and home when you are away or need extra support.

The intention of this blog is to post helpful tips, suggestions and articles for readers around the world and offer our services to local readers.

Our health and life coaching services can be accessed by anyone in the English Speaking world via Skype, Email and Phone!

We are currently working on several nutritionally sound based cook books as well as publishing articles to a variety of publishing media.

We are new to this, so please be supportive, offer suggestions and enjoy our resources as you journey to a the life you always dreamed of for yourself, family and pets!  We will be here to help you achieve that!

Patricia Sunshine Hunnybun (Pantazis)

Recently married to my true Soul Mate and living life in Bliss.  Not only because of our relationship, but also because of the life path and journey we have dedicated to be completely happy, healthy and whole.


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs. I love seeing the words of wisdom that you post daily on your facebook pages! Here's to following your dreams and helping people along the way!

    1. Thanks for joining me here! I am very excited about this opportunity to reach out to more and help, even if just 1 person!